Helping Hands Workshop

Confront the true values of your staff, make them dig deep. The Helping Hands Workshop is about changing lives at both ends, the receiving as well as the giving.

  • enhance performance and cooperation
  • foster your company values
  • emphasize costumer focus

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Experience a sense of truly fulfilling work

Do you often realize how great an impact your work has on the end customer? Experience the impact a sense of purpose has on your motivation. Imagine what impact such a realization could have on day-to-day self-management of your staff.

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The workshop caters to groups any size from half-a-dozen to thousands of participants. It typically fits into 2-4 hours. We can deliver it at any location of your choice. It works perfectly as a plug-in module for conferences, meetings, teambuilding events, company off-sites etc.

Each workshop comprises of the following steps:

  1. Reflection
    job vs. work, targets vs. product/service, customer vs. human being, motivation by incentive vs. motivation by purpose
  2. Intermezzo
    introduction of the Helping Hands Project
  3. Project simulation
    assembly of fully functional LN-4 prostheses and design of personal messages for the recipients
  4. Debrief
    transfer of the workshop experience into everyday life and workplace

80% of the funds raised come from Helping Hands workshops with corporate groups

About 80% of all funds raised by the Ellen Meadows Foundation come from the Helping Hands workshops. The remaining part comes from donors and public funding. No more than 5% of the funds are spent on operational costs, i.e. 95% of all funds raised goes to the end-recipients.

Our clients’ reflections

„We ought to realize that all we do relates to a customer.”

„It is shocking in a way to see how little it takes to change somebody’s life for the better.”

Accenture (BPO Management Team)

„To have a sense of connection with the end-benefactor from my work is the greatest reward of all.”

Unilever (Customer Care Team)

„The workshop was such a strong experience it made us reconsider our priorities, to look at our team and work from a different – larger – perspective.”

Laufen (Country Management Team)

„There are not enough words to express my gratitude. Our group can’t stop talking about what a wonderful time they had and how touched they were by the activity.”

TD Bank (annual conference)

„We were looking for something that would bring our organizational values to life in a meaningful, memorable and relevant way. The impact on our team was profound.”

GE Healthcare (sales unit)

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